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You will find on this page a selection of items I have used and have yet to use but, have on strong recommendation been advised of its efficacy to do what it says on the tin. 


Software, plugins, Hardware and other advice columns some will be items that you will need to pay for others will be free. In either case it should be very clear which is which if you are confronted with a shopping cart.


Some of the items on this page and throughout the website I am partnered with, so I will receive a small payment should you choose to make a purchase through a link from this site. In many cases you will be offered a discount code if it is applicable, often these can be found when you sign up to the newsletter.


Regardless as to whether you buy or do not buy, enjoy your time browsing and be sure to look through the free downloads and view the informative articles. Any related questions, please let me know.



Easy to integrate with existing packages you may already be using, such as Mailchimp, WordPress, Facebook and others. Simply click on the photo for a full run down on the extensive features currently on offer - to date there are over 150 templates to choose from if you are stuck for ideas. The learning curve isn't too steep and Instapage often run a free trial period, where you will not need to enter any payment details. The current trial period is 45 days, but this may be different depending on your location and offers in your area.


Aweber and Mailchimp are both used extensively by Marketeers and a range of 'ordinary' people who need access to their audience through email. Both providers are relatively popular and both have good and bad points.

When you are starting out Mailchimp is very easy to get up and running quite quickly, is very cheap, free up to a certain level and relatively easy to learn with a large range of video courses available on YouTube and other teaching websites.

However, many businesses who have huge lists of people and complex automation processes with varying requirements on segmentation won't use Mailchimp, they may opt for AWeber - a lot of people see this as the next step up before you reach the higher paid packages provided by other companies.

If you are starting out, I would recommend Mailchimp to start with, so you can get to grips with list building basics without wasting any money and play about with the options available.


I have been using as my hosting provider for a few years now and have personally never had a problem. During the early days and recently when I changed names, the support desk using the Live Chat box were surprisingly helpful. Taken directly from their feature page, has challenged the traditional web hosting industry by providing every service needed for our customers right from the start, such as mail hosting and website hosting with gallery, blog, PHP, MySQL and free customer support 24/7, 365 days a year. This gives you access to a product bundle where your server space needs are all you need to consider while choosing a subscription.

My previous experience with a big name domain supplier was not straight forward, so I was a little wary to start with, but I can say - hand on heart, that my customer satisfaction (so far) is good. Take a look at their site and see if it is a good fit for you, like Bluehost, they also offer WordPress as a One Click Installation.



Bluehost is very well known with the people who use WordPress, which is partly because it is promoted as their current recommended hosting provider. Again to be completely upfront, I have had no direct experience with Bluehost, so I can't offer a direct review on their service. 

But it is very well know with the WordPress community and judging by forum comments, the relationship seems good. You will need to view their website to make a final decision yourself, I would add that a lot of people just pick anything that comes up with their domain name to host their webspace on. You will find it much easier though, if you're still a bit new, to go with a provider that has a lot of experience with the product you hope to use. Communicating setup issues can be hard enough.