How To Maintain Accountability To Yourself

Update On My YouTube Channel

A lot has happened since I last updated my site a few days ago - the two videos on this page are examples of some of the activities I have been up to.

I need to develop a better way to deliver my verbal content in front of the camera, yes it was effectively my first try and I'm reasonably happy with it because I was trying to get other elements to work in the background like lighting and muffling sound from children - so as a first attempt it is OK, room for improvement. 

The purpose of the first video was just to say anything on camera really, then upload to YouTube to get my channel in order, but I wanted to attempt to say something of value. Saying something of value was much harder than I had originally thought, I thought I could just ramble coherently on for a few minutes with no sensible notes or bullet points - only a few words scribbled on a rough piece of paper that made no sense, because I didn't add any context to the word and it didn't do as much memory jogging as I was looking for.

I was very wrong.

Stumbling over my words multiple times I had to re-record on more than one occasion, good practice I suppose.

As difficult and uncomfortable as it might be, I put the video up and another one shortly after. The video I recorded next did go much better, as I made a few little pointers with a better laid out plan, to help me through the video. One other thing you notice when you are recording is that time changes - if you are unprepared, it suddenly becomes long and uncomfortable.

I need to put another video up before next week because it is important to train myself and develop my skills, I can only do that with practice, even though I feel and quite possibly look like a numpty at this stage. It is all for the greater good, so I will persist.

I have included the "editiors" cut in text form in the quote below, if you don't wish to be traumatised by watching me struggle through 1 minute and a bits worth of cringeworthy visual and audio torment - I leave the ball in your court.

Quote from video - cleaned up, so you can understand me.

Hello my name is Karl,

I am going to try and keep these videos very to the point and short, I have tried to do this a number of times now.

So my channel and my website will be linked to the description, my aim is - to clear my debts, also known as past investments, some people like to refer to it as past investments.  

Also over the next 12-18 months is to purchase a house we are currently in rented accommodation, which is great we've a very nice house on the Isle of Wight, nothing wrong with the house. The Landlord is great, but we want to move on, we are ready to make the next step if you and document the progress with that.

I have included the "Editors" cut in text form in the quote below for this video, if you don't wish to be traumatised by watching me struggle through 1 minute and a bits worth of cringe-worthy visual and audio torment - I leave the ball in your court.

Hello following on from my last video which was very brief, I've decided to keep these videos quite raw.

So I'm not going to edit them too much, what you see is what you are going to get. I may add an intro, but I'm not going to spend too much time editing them in Sony Vegas or any other video suite to tidy them up too much.

I want to spend the majority of my time focusing on the content for my website, creating traffic to go there and other areas, where I try to generate income - so the videos maybe a little bit rough around the edges. But that's fine, just going to put it out there, you may or may not like it. Do or don't follow it doesn't really matter. If you get something from these videos that's great, if you don't, look at something else - that's fine by me.

As said before, the purpose of these videos is for me really - to be accountable, to myself.

I suppose when you are self-employed yourself or if you are a freelancer of some description and you don't have a boss. Or even if your not employed by somebody, then its very easy to become lazy.

I suppose its very easy to have bad habits and just keep on putting things off, until later in the day, or the next day, or the next week. So you can do things like this - make a definite day to create a regular activity for yourself, ideally if there is an audience relying, well not relying on you but expecting something from you, then you feel obliged to provide something - hopefully it will be of a reasonable quality which is the ideal situation.

Occasionally there are long pauses I'm still relatively new to this but that's OK. So the point of it is to be accountable I suppose accountable encouraging myself to keep going because I don't have a boss that's fine I do not want one either. I do not want to be employed I am going to stay this way, be responsible for my own income I will -- I will go down that route another day.

So responsible for my own income.

My goals for this year for the next 18 months is to I think I mentioned it in the first video is mainly to clear off outstanding debts, there not especially large but clear them off to start with a clean slate, as it were. I have the intention of purchasing a house somewhere in the UK, we live on the Isle of Wight at the moment, we want too most likely move off.

We will have better opportunities for networking and things like that and get to other events related to the work that we are doing at the moment and it will be better for the children to access activities and things like that related to family life.

So in order to do that we need to increase the amount of money that is coming into the house so I am going to, not in this video because I'm rambling on for too long, I want to try and keep it under 5 minutes, because I know attention spans start to dwindle after that.

I am going to put together a couple of, maybe a check-list, or a pack of some description, no I'm not charging money for this or anything like that these are just check-lists. Probably on my website, I may just go through it on my video maybe that will be better, I will add any income that needs to be generated maybe, in order for that to be achieved - and how you can generate that income. Which are usually just through different types of affiliates or activities that you can carry out. 

My wife for instance, she has an Etsy shop and has done that work for quite a few years now, she has had a lot of success with that. Previous to this we had a reasonably active YouTube channel, but it went down a route that we weren't completely comfortable with so we stopped doing that, but it generated money which was quite exciting.

It generated a couple of hundred pounds quite quickly so that sort of proved to us that it is actually possible to make money online, by not even providing a physical product. Which is quite exciting, Google will pay you.

We didn't do it in a very, very, focused way which is what we are going to change now but it was exciting all the same. We are going to document some of that.

Compared to other people I would definitely be classed as, a relative amateur, absolutely. Interesting to watch anyway (all going well I won't crash and burn) you may or may not get some tips on the way.

Watch, like and comment and I will see you on the next video OK bye bye.


If you have made it all the way trough to the end, I salute you. Obviously there is lots of room for improvement, in the script and the video. Let's see what the next one will be like.