What Can I Offer

So - my background could be a good place to start, work wise, I was in Healthcare for nearly 10 years until I decided I needed a change.

Like many others, I wanted to be outside a little more than I was able to be, so I started up a little gardening business which didn't do too badly.

I have been working for myself ever since. The flexibility this allows me to have is priceless now that I have a family, I want to be about physically and emotionally as they grow up, by working to my own schedule - I can do that.

I could waffle on further about the highs and lows of our journey to this point and beyond, but I'll save that for another blog post and a rainy day. At the moment, know this,

My goal is to help others in whatever capacity I can achieve their goals, through advice, examples and guidance. Usually over the internet.

I'm aware we are all at different stages, previous to this site I worked as a camera man on a YouTube channel and would edit hours and hours of footage. As you go through this site and follow some of the examples you will discover that there are easier ways to earn an income and still feel fulfilled.

Now a subtle warning - this is not a get rich quick site, you will not get rich quick by following my advice, I am not making any promise what so ever that you can make 'easy' money for doing  'nothing'. 

You will need to put effort in and action advice, if you are looking to make an income from an online venture. Some require a long-time to build a relationship with your audience, for a sustainable income. Others require a financial flash in the pan for a big payout - but difficult to repeat to the same audience, I wouldn't recommend that approach and nor would many other experts.

If you haven't already I would suggest you begin looking at other people whose success you might like to emulate, for the purpose of this site I will show you and occasionally review notable marketeers, in the industry who are achieving enormous results through affiliate campaigns and helping others, usually through the sale or often giving away good value content to improve their audiences prospects in their field of interest.