Blog too busy, must make time

Sometimes a lengthy explanation isn’t required to explain why you may have been M.I.A. from your Blog.

A better fix is simply to put your ideas into action and get moving again. The uncomfortable truth for many is, barely anyone is listening/reading or watching to notice you were gone anyway. I say that with a happy smile :)
Moving on. Okay what’s next then, I’ve had a long break with activity in regards to writing. Honestly –  I find it really difficult to stay motivated, to produce what I think should be a lengthy report that reads well is difficult. At the moment my experience with online writing is still developing and will bend and change according to my audience and a style that is comfortable for me to write in.
Briefly – how I am slowly overcoming the self-built blocks of difficulty with writing, is by approaching the topic in the simplest way possible. What I mean by that is this, at this stage I’m not particularly bothered that this piece will not be world class award winning quality, that isn’t the goal. It is simply to serve as a way to trigger my writing muscle. A way to get started, again.
Jeff Goins (Inspiration for restarting) operates the website I’m not affiliated with him, other than receiving occasional email newsletters. He provides useful hints and tips on how to improve your writing. In the past he has instigated challenges that gained enough traction to grow his site quite substantially. I recommend you have a look at his blog and have a read, he has written a good handful of books and guides so seems to be a good authority.
The next instalment in my epic re-imagining will be hastily drafted while the iron is hot and the ideas are still flowing, so as an avid reader of my extremely entertaining and informative site look out for an update before 2017.